Salads Recipe

Salads Recipe

The recipes in the following post will, I think, help to put to shame those pieces of tired lettuce and tomato which too often masquerade under the name of salad. And even if some of the ingredients and combinations do seem a bit unusual, I hope you will still be willing to try them. I feel sure you will find it well worth the effort.

You will need for 4 servings:

1-2 cooked carrots, 2 tablespoons cooked diced French beans, cut 1-2 cooked potatoes, into pieces diced 1 small cooked 2 tablespoons cooked beetroot, diced green peas mayonnaise (82)

1 gherkin, chopped 3-4 anchovy fillets

1 Put all the vegetables together in a bowl.

2 Add enough mayonnaise to moisten well.

3 Put into a salad bowl and garnish with the gherkin and anchovy fillets.

California coleslaw

You will need:

1 packet white onion soup mix

2 cartons sour cream

1 white cabbage, shredded

To garnish:

1 green pepper, in strips

2 oz. carrot, grated 1 green pepper, chopped 1 tablespoon cider vinegar

1 Mix the contents of the packet of onion soup with the soured cream. Stir in the other ingredients.

2 Chill overnight.

3 Serve garnished with thin strips of green pepper.

Salads Recipe

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