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While mentally things seemed numb, physically Taz was more aware of what was happening in his game then he ever was. I felt lightheaded…. All I had to do was set the ball down on the alley and my body was perfectly programmed to do all the rest. Sometimes I get physically fatigued, but as long as I’m mentally up, I can perform well. His sensitivity to his powerful hormones continued and at times he turned white, friends recall.

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Meanwhile, Wayne Bunce was destroyed. Ockerman yelled Yes! as the final pin fell into the gutter, and his colleagues went wild, lifted him onto their shoulders, and carried him around the alley, sheet white as all the blood drained from his face which physiologists say is a fight-or-Hight symptom.

Thirty-four of his 36 shots that night hit the pocket of pins perfectly. Two were a little high, yet all the pins fell victim. Three straight perfect games. Who knows what amazing forces came together that night, but Ockerman apparently tapped into four key areas that sports psychologists cite as instrumental toward achieving peak performance:

• He programmed his body with a muscle memory to repeat his bowling swing.

• He created a bogeyman force in his mind, a need to prove something to somebody.

• He raised his hormone levels with precompetition music.

• He created a flow with total focus on the task during competition.

Sample Programs & Drills

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