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We approach design as a merger of various elements including physical and metaphysical ones into one contiguous whole. We are constantly experimenting and exploring for solutions to our client’s needs. Though the utilitarian aspects like affordability, durability and functionality are constantly being challenged by us, we are in constant search of creating tectonic perfection. In the end it is not the designs that we create, but the experience of the very people using them, having a dialogue with them, or just being in them. Our endeavor is to create a positive difference in the lives of our clients and make living a meaningful experience.” These are the points to keep in mind when buying furniture. Sandra Bullock

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Design Styling: Should be guided by the overall design theme of the salon. The design and layout will determine the shape, size and the styling of the styling chairs, pedicure and shampoo stations. It can be classic, modern, contemporary, vintage, among others. Sandra Bullock

Upholstery Colour: Should follow the overall colour palette. Most preferred upholstery is black and brown because of low maintenance, but if maintenance is not an issue, then go for any colour. The material can be leather or leatherite.

Sandra Bullock Best Hairstyles

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