Sara Al Madani

In 2011 you won the Emirati Entrepreneur of the Year Award what inspired you to set up the Rouge Couture fashion label… I was 15 when I started my business, designing abayas and I was the one who inspired myself to be who I am, because at that age you are too young to know what a role model is. I was thinking how to be independent.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced? Starting young and being a woman back then were the biggest challenges I faced, but thank goodness these things aren’t an issue anymore for this generation. Then came competition, risk taking, decisions and survival in the industry through all the diffi culties and crisis, but I just kept believing in what I was doing to get through. If you had the power what is the one thing you would do to change the world? I would set a rule and force people to be kind to each other, kindness has become so scarce these days. My philosophy in life is the more you give the more you get. Be kind, share knowledge, give and help everyone around you, because when you help people grow, you grow with them.

Who is your inspiration?

Shiekh Zayed, Oprah, Mother Teresa. It’s all about being human, and treating people like they matter equally the same. What advice would you give to young women growing up in today’s society? Always believe in yourself and in your dreams, and always try to innovate and not imitate. There are two voices that you should try and avoid if you want to be a successful person in this world: 1-) the voice of fear in your head. 2-) the voice of the people who are trying to stop you and pull you down, because your stronger than you think you are. Society thinks your important so do not ever act like you are not. Tell me three words that sum you up? Positive, fun and a down to earth human being.

What makes you happy?

Anything can make me happy, I’m a positive person all the time. There is a saying that I love make your happiness so cheap so that everyone can aff ord it, and make your sadness so expensive that no one can ever purchase it. Tell us your favourite momento? When I was selected to be a Board Member at the Sharjah chamber of Commerce and Industry, because it gives me a chance to help the community and interact with people. What is your favourite childhood memory? My childhood was amazing, my parents raised me to be responsible and wise when it comes to decision making. I do not remember something specifi c but I was defi nitely a trouble maker as well. What are your hopes for the future? For this to be a better place and to be more successful in my life and fi eld. Also to be the best mum ever to my fi ve month old son.Dubai Fashionista: Fashionista of the Week: Sara Al Madani Ltf

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Dubai Fashionista: Fashionista of the Week: Sara Al Madani Ltf

Dubai Fashionista: Fashionista of the Week: Sara Al Madani Ltf

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Sara Al Madani

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