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What are some of the challenges faced in marketing and distribution? Scarlett Johansson

I have realised that there is a gap in the skin care product segment available across the Indian market. Consumers are bombarded with chemical infused products, and on the other hand, most of our competitors in the market are offering natural skin care products at a premium price. The unorganised players offer Ayurvedic products, which does not connect with the urban consumer. When we entered the market, our clients were surprised to learn the affordable price range offered by a brand that did not compromise on the natural ingredients. We have kept our formulations simple and use ingredients, which are rich in properties, but low in cost.

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What are your plans for the brand? Scarlett Johansson

We aim to reach out to a maximum number of consumers, and create an omni-channel presence.

What are your views on the skin care market in India?

The skin care market is huge. While people are used to cosmetic giants, I feel, the dynamics are changing and there is a change in the mindset of the younger audience. We now see big players like, HUL also coming up with more natural products. The best part for SMBs like us is that the consumer today is well informed and willing to try new brands that can be an alternative. I feel the natural, Ayurvedic and organic skin care market has just begun to grow, and has major potential for expansion. Over time, I am certain, Alanna would play a vital role in making natural skin care an affordable luxury. O

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