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Star therapies: Deep Tissue Massage and Aromatherapy because the latter combines soothing massage techniques with the use of essential oils. These oils are extracted from plants and have been used for thousands of years to benefit physical and Scarlett Johansson mental well-being.

View on the bridal market: Anything that is connected or related to weddings in India has a big opportunity for the service providers as well as the consumer. The bridal category, therefore, has immense potential as we are in an age where the consumer is informed and has wide options.

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From a spa and salon perspective, we see brides that come with very personal requirements, each requirement is majorly determined by the time they have to groom and how much they are willing to spend. Scarlett Johansson In that perspective, we ensure services are designed to suit each bridal requirement. Overall, the bridal market has an immense scope and a range of offerings for the bridal couple.

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