Scarlett Johansson’s Skin Care and Makeup Secrets

I’M MY BEST SELF IN WARM WEATHER. I WAKE UP EARLIER, I’m more motivated to work out and life seems infi nitely easier. Here’s the problem, though: In winter, I’m none of those things. Why go for a run when I’ll probs get hypothermia as soon as I step outside? And why would I not eat an entire packet of cookies when I’ll shiver the kilojoules offanyway? That’s what I thought a few weeks ago, anyway, before I wore a pair of pyjama shorts to bed for the fi rst time since June and realised I was either part werewolf or defi nitely in need of a razor. It was clear that I’d let my beauty habits slip a little (okay, a lot) during the cold season, and if I wanted to move into summer feeling ready for, well, life, I needed to make over my routine. Nodding in agreement? Sweet, here’s what we need to do:

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1 LYMPHATIC MASSAGE After months of not moving as much as I probably should have (I blame Netflix) and stuffng my face with not-so-good-for-you foods (again, I blame Netfl ix), I like to kick offsummer with a lymphatic drainage massage. This type of massage stimulates your circulation system and fl ushes lymph fl uid around your body, which helps clear out toxins and makes your skin glow. Oh, and since I don’t have the time or the funds to book in for a massage every week, I make do at home with some good old-fashioned coffee scrub or a dry body brush.

2 BODY OILS I’ll be honest, I suck at moisturising my legs in winter. Since it’s usually freezing, my number-one priority when stepping out of the shower is to dry offand get warm, but as a result, my skin gets dry and fl aky. While you could make do with a moisturiser, I prefer to add a few drops of body oil to my baths and massage coconut oil into damp skin to accelerate the hydration process.

3 FOOT PEELS Yeah, they make your feet look super, super gross, but they work. After spending months tucked away in socks and boots, my feet aren’t their best selves come summertime, so I do a couple of acidic peels before I’m ready to bare all in fl ip-fl ops. Plus, I really like it when they peel. I know, I’m weird.

4 HAIR MASKS Who’s a bad person and completely ignores her hair during winter? I do! Okay, so I wash it, but I should reaaalllly do a few more moisture masks. I was blessed with thin locks, so they take a beating in the harsh winds and arid temps of the cooler months. To make sure they’re looking bouncy and glossy once the hot weather hits (and to prevent further damage from the sun and surf), I incorporate a protein and hydration mask into my shower routine every week. Time-consuming? Yes. Worth it? Defi nitely.

5 NIXING SUGAR AND DAIRY This might not ring true for everybody, but when I drink a lot of dairy (*cough* hot chocolates) my skin goes cray. Sugar makes everybody’s skin go loco, though, so why don’t you join me and eliminate it from your diet? Not completely, just the added stuff. Not only will it give your bod a break, it’ll help clear your skin in time for selfi e season.

Scarlett Johanssons Skin Care and Makeup Secrets

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