Secrets of Being Beautiful

Tone down the make-up and dial up the sexiness! This season’s hottest beauty vibe is all about lived-in looks that are pretty, but not too perfect – and these ones are a cinch to do

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Looking good naturally tops most women’s wish lists. A radiant face is the look de rigueur and this season it’s freckles that help to create an illusion of healthy, youthful skin. ‘Freckles instantly make the complexion look fresh,’ says beauty expert, Sarah Lucero. ‘If your foundation looks cakey, pop a few freckles on top. It will fool everyone into thinking you just have perfect skin.’ Turn to page 41 for more tips.


Cheat a gym bunny bod with a tan, but not the deep ‘desert’ glow of last year. Right now you should be sporting a healthy, athletic sheen. Take your cue from the spring/summer runways where make-up artists to the models making them look healthier, ‘like they go to the gym’. Turn to page 41 for more tips.


For sexiness in seconds, go for a plump pout with a diffused stain. Think about the shade your lip goes when you nip it pinky-red and this is exactly the natural-looking colour you want to create. Turn to page 41 for more tips.


These lashes are breaking all the rules and embracing that ’60s clumpy style. As teens we avoided spider legs at all costs, but perfect smooth lashes are out and Twiggy-inspired doe-eyes are in. Turn to page 41 for more tips.


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