Selection of makeup powder suitable for skin color

Selection of makeup powder suitable for skin color

Puddle color selection

Powders are produced in almost all tonnes, but the most effective ones are translucent or colorless. Because they are suitable for all skin colors and do not change the color of your covering with your foundation.

If you need additional coverage of a colored pudran make sure that it is as natural as possible and that the tone is a few tons clear from your foundation. Avoid pink tones in any case.

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If you do not want to look like a flashing lantern, stay away from very bright powders during daylight hours. This is a much more valid rule if you put your skin color, because the shimmering powders cause the skin to look grayish. Choose a paste of yellow or orange tones to match the skin color.

If you hate the radiance of your skin but do not like to use foundation, choose a powder that fits your skin perfectly and apply it to your bare skin. If you have a black or dark skin, avoid the powders that contain mica, these powders enhance the clarity of the skin.

You can try your hand in reverse to be sure of the quality of the paste. A fine powder is silky, soft and light. If it is chalky and heavy, or if it fills in the thin lines in your hand, it shows that the powder is not finely ground and that it will be bad in your face.

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