Medium haircuts african american hair

AG: I’m always attracted to elements that depict the beauty, magic and fantasy of our world. I think it is important to surround ourselves with beauty and inspiration every day. Through my work, I love to create pieces and tell stories that inspire and transport the viewer. Our shoot starts with a timid, innocent subject who slowly turns dark as the mood progresses; I think there is a strong element of mystery and intrigue there.

LM: As for me, I wanted this shoot to show that, when combining a mixture of ideas with new people, you can be pushed to exceed your limits and take yourself further.

What message did your styling choices aim to convey?

AG: I wanted the styling to be connected to the spectrum of human emotions and feelings, which progress and darken as the subject develops. Our character starts out as gentle and timid, and gradually turns more sinister and ominous, which I wanted to convey through the use of colour. The red, which appears in some way in every photo, represents the climaxing of strong emotions.

Will you be collaborating again on a future project?

LM: I would be very happy to collaborate with everyone involved in this project in the future, as everyone was a pleasure to work with. ^

Opposite: Text u red Top Blue Rinse Body Chain Alex Christopher Above: Top Vintage (Stylist’s Own) Trousers Portare Shoes Lemare

Above: Dress Vintage (Stylist’s Own) Red Shirt Blue Rinse Necklace Emporio Armani Shoes Lemare Opposite: Top Vintage (Stylist’s Own) Trousers Portare Black Leather Bracelet Alexander McQueen

Unique style comes from the confidence to be your true self  Allegra Ghiloni

We all gelled together as a team so naturally, in such a short space of time.

Who has inspired you most this past year?

AG: This year I have been really inspired by photographer Tim Walker. I loved the shoot he did earlier this year in Burma with model Edie Campbell! I would love to create something similar, mixing exotic cultures and fashion. Women like Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner are so unique, intelligent and interesting, and highlight the amazing things young women are achieving.

LM: As a rule, I try not follow current trends as I want my ideas to be as unique as they can be. As much as I admire other photographerswork,

I do so to admire the variety of styles that they bring to the table. I’m more interested in why they chose to do what they did, than in copying the overall look.

A word of wisdom to share with us?

AG: Unique style does not come from following fashion trends; it comes from the confidence to be your true self.

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Medium haircuts african american hair

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