Short And Wavy Black Hairstyles


You have probably already heard that stopping smoking is a quick way to improve your health and that can only get you healthier hair. Smoking cigarettes reduces the blood flow to the body cells including all the cells of the skin and scalp. This is responsible for the dull color and premature wrinkles that very often distinguish a smoker. Reduced circulation to the body and scalp can only result in slower unhealthier hair growth. Even sitting in smoke filled environments on a regular basis can have the same effect.


Keep alcohol use to a minimum for healthy hair. Alcohol has two critical effects on the body that work against healthy hair. Alcohol dehydrates the body. It pulls water out of the cells and leaves all body tissues and organs (including hair follicles) dehydrated. Hair that is short of water is brittle, difficult to manage and more likely to break. If you drink alcohol do so in moderation and be sure to increase your water intake significantly. But take note, alcohol also interferes with the proper functioning of your cells and that means it interferes with hair growth and maintenance.

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Chemicals and pollution

If you regularly expose your hair to environments that you know will cause stress and damage than be sure to build a routine that returns your hair to as close to normal as soon as you can. For example, if you regularly swim in a swimming pool you will need a hair care routine that allows you to wash away the pool water as soon as possible after your swim and use products that will help to neutralize the exposure to chlorine which is extremely alkaline and will cause color changes and dry out hair.

Short And Wavy Black Hairstyles

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