Short Asymmetrical Haircuts For Thick Hair 

Zinc For Hairs

According to one research paper, patients who suffered hair loss after surgery were given zinc sulphate tablets to stop hair shedding. The study found that all patients stopped losing hair after taking the zinc supplements.28

Zinc helps build protein and assists with the absorption of copper and iron. Zinc also works alongside vitamin A, and a deficiency in either can lead to dry hair and oily skin. However, excessive consumption of zinc can result in nausea and stomach irritation.

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Another important nutrient for hair health, silica can slow hair loss and improve the condition of hair and nails.29 Organic silica can also be added to shampoo to help prevent baldness, stimulate hair growth and increase hair strength.


Iodine is an essential trace element. The thyroid gland relies on iodine to make the hormones necessary for the growth of healthy hair, teeth and bones. When we are deficient in this nutrient, hair can become weak or fall out completely.


Selenium is an important mineral for the health of your scalp. A deficiency may inhibit your hair’s ability to grow, resulting in an overall thinning of your tresses.

Sulphur methylsulfonylmethane (MSM):

Your hair is composed of proteins (keratin) embedded in a sulphur-rich matrix.12 Sulphur plays an important role in the regeneration of our cells and the growth of hair.30 Also known as the beauty mineral and commonly used in arthritis treatments, sulphur methylsulfonylmethane in its purest form can prevent and reverse hair loss and restore hair colour.

Short Asymmetrical Haircuts For Thick Hair 

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