Short bob haircuts with bangs

There are so many different ways to style braids these days. Can you share one of your favorite looks? I describe my favorite look as the regal pull-back. You’ve seen it on many red carpets over the past few years, but I also rock it about every day. I roll back the sides by my ear and gather them at the back. I feel really regal. It feels like I’m wearing a crown. From your Snapchat to your Instagram photos, we are always in awe of how amazing and clear your skin looks. Short bob haircuts with bangs What’s your secret and what skin care products do you use? My skin care is so simple. Thankfully I do not have to use expensive products because my skin behaves so well, generally. I have been using Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser for maybe 15 or more years and I love Olay Classic Daily Renewal Cream as my moisturizer. What about your makeup choices? Do you prefer the more glamorous looks or do you like to keep it on the minimal side for day-to day beauty?

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Short bob haircuts with bangs

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