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I kept my distance, but when Luke was born, I had this strong urge to meet him and my feelings towards Fleur softened. Short bob haircuts for black women Then, only a few months later, history repeated itself and Dad and Fleur split. Something in me changed – I felt sorry for her. Short bob haircuts for black women Here was a woman my own age who’d just had a baby and found herself single. I realised how scared she must be feeling. The difficulty of her situation brought us closer. I wasn’t too surprised when Fleur and Dad reunited six months later. I could tell she’d forgive him anything. Even so, knowing Dad’s history, I didn’t think he’d settle down properly. But to their credit, they went from strength to strength and, after their son Billy was born, they got married five years later. I was married myself by then and had a daughter, Nicole, who was their bridesmaid. Short bob haircuts for black women It was Dad’s fourth wedding, but unlike the others, this felt different – more secure. In 1998, we were pregnant at the same time – me with my youngest, Naomi, and Fleur with her third son, Josh. It didn’t seem right to be expecting at the same time as my father. Grandchildren aren’t meant to have to compete with a grandparent’s newborn. Dad and Fleur went on to have my half-sister Olivia, now 14, who’s also auntie to my two girls, 16 and 20.

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Short bob haircuts  for black women

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