Short haircut with straight bangs

Glycerin – It’s a natural humectant and conditioning agent derived from palm oil. Humectants attract and retain moisture in your hair and are usually used in shampoos and conditioners to increase their moisturising properties. Glycerin is most effective when there is moisture in the air to draw from. If used in the dry months, you may end up losing moisture in your hair instead. Beauty tip: Add a few drops of glycerin to your favourite leave-in conditioner in the warm and humid months in order to draw extra moisture to your hair. Short haircut with straight bangs Panthenol or pro vitamin B – Pro vitamin B is used in hair products to give sheen, replenish moisture and keep hair manageable. It’s also known to build the hair’s strength and thickness, making it more resistant to breakage and general damage.

Beauty tip: You will most likely find panthenol in a shampoo and conditioner; just be sure the product is used as directed. Cholesterol – Cholesterol is usually added to conditioners to give the hair shine and body and give softness to dry and brittle hair. Short haircut with straight bangs Lecithin – It’s a natural emollient, antioxidant and emulsifier used in the preparation of a few hair products.

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Short haircut with straight bangs

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