Short Haircuts For African Hair


When you make a decision to have red hair, it’s very important to think a bit about the process used to get you there. If your hair is dark and you want to lighten it, you will have to use either a chemical remover or lightening agent, to remove the existing color so the finished overall shade will look even and rich, from scalp throughout the hair strand. There is nothing NOTHING worse than uneven red hair. The hair just seems to sit on your head no shine or luster. Booooring, right?

If your present hair color is light and you wish to go red, then you must make a plan before you color regarding the possibility of not liking yourself in red. I have actually seen women put their head in their hands and cry when they don’t like the color. I cannot stress enough when you go red, and you decide you “hate it,” it is very difficult to remove the color and start over again if your hair is light to begin with. You will not simply be able to go back to your light blonde hair without some residue of red showing up.

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Brown hair is rather easy to go back to because most women whether they like it or not, look good in golden or soft red browns rather than an ash shade. If you are unhappy with the red you have chosen, most of it can be removed and a final process can be done, leaving just a bit of red reflecting in the overall shade.

Most say they don’t want to see red or gold but when they have the final blow-dry they generally say, “Oh! I love it.’’ They love it because it actually complements their skin tones much better than a flat brown would.

Short Haircuts For African Hair

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