Short haircuts with longer sides

Interlocks Technique 2 is used with the finer non-braided interlocking hair. This hair tends to slip with Technique 1. This technique holds the interlock in place without the lock (knot) of the interlock unravelling. This style can last for up to one month. Braid Time 4-6 Hours (maybe less).

Step 1: Cornrow hair into pattern around the entire head. (These cornrows are the framework for the interlock style).

Step 2: Once hair has been braided, grab 2-3 strands of pre-braided synthetic hair.

Insert latch hook with the needle closed through the cornrow braid.

Step 3: Once needle has been fully inserted, open latch hook and insert the pre-braided interlock hair and close hook.

Step 4: Once hook is closed pull hook back through the cornrow braid.

Step 5: Once hair is in place, insert the two ends of the interlock hair through the open loop of the beginning of the interlock hair. (The part that is attached to the hook)

Step 6: Gently tug the ends through the loop until the loop forms a knot around the cornrow.

Short haircuts with longer sides Photo Gallery

Short haircuts with longer sides

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