Short haircuts thick curly hair

How do you keep setting trends? We’ve seen our fashion clientsenthusiasm for new things. We also see digital marketing platforms emerging, Short haircuts thick curly hair and fashion brands that are capitalising on the appetite for global exposure. That gives us a clear direction on what the hair trends are and we can adapt them to represent our local market. The question retailers and marketers need to ask themselves is: Are we in a position to take advantage of these new channels and trends? When the trends spring up, can we push your products into them? How long have you been in the industry? I have been in the industry for 25 years. Short haircuts thick curly hair Who inspires you and your craft? Morgan Makhubela is my role model. He is the person who launched the Dark and Lovely brand in South Africa and has open so many opportunities for black hairdressers in South Africa. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself founding a hair institute that will develop and groom the skills of a black hairdressers, Short haircuts thick curly hair with the idea of setting up franchise salons that will employ stylists while I complete my second book. How has social media grown your business? The world is changing and social media is what people are using to communicate.

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Short haircuts thick curly hair

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