Short haircuts for thin hair

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA MOTIVATION As we start a new year, Pastor George encourages you to have a positive mindset. My youngest child turned 18 a few months ago. Apart from the usual celebration, I also decided to take him aside for a Yours Hair is manhood Yours Hair is conversation. He is gifted and talented in more than one area; but has his mind set on becoming a musician and producer so badly that he says no to so many other opportunities coming his way. However, I advised him to say yes to new prospects that may benefit his life too. I encourage you to do the same. HAVE NO REGRETS Looking at my life, I realise that I have said no to opportunities that come my way more times than I have said yes. Short haircuts for thin hair I remember refusing to learn to play ping-pong (table tennis) because I was too shy and could not bear to make a fool of myself before others. Other times, I said no because saying yes would’ve made me responsible for following up on that commitment when all I wanted was to sit on my backside and do nothing.

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Short haircuts for thin hair

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