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She did it because she’d been on every fad diet going, and managed to lose weight every time – only to pile it right back on again when she stopped eating only watermelon with black coffee, or whatever food combination was permitted in the latest diet craze.

Jean came to the realisation that a diet wasn’t the solution to her problem it was the problem. After losing 2()-3()lb, I’d always go When a child leaves cold French fries

covered with cold ketchup on his plate, you can’t throw them away. If you throw them away, somebody in Europe drops dead. I sincerely hope the people

of Europe benefited – I did so much for them.

Every night in the bathtub, I’d make a promise. I used to promise that I would choke on the next cookie, she said. When you are sitting in a bathtub, there’s no place to look. In a bathtub, it is all you and it is floating.

You can’t escape it.

When an acquaintance thought Jean was pregnant, she knew it was time to face facts and find a way to change her life.

Something has to make you very angry or ashamed enough to be able to say,

okay, help me. That was it, she said.

In late 1961, nearing the age of 40, she made a last-ditch effort to find a diet that worked. She went to the New York City Department of Health Obesity Clinic, where she was weighed, given a sheet of paper outlining the diet and was told to follow it to the letter – no omissions, no substitutions.

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Short haircuts for women with fine hair over

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