Short haircuts for women over with glasses

You need a constant supply of sperm, so make sure you have sex every two or three days if possible, says Dr Carby. It takes the stress out of trying to monitor your ovulation cycle, too.

If you are overweight or underweight your chances of conceiving are reduced. Short haircuts for women over with glasses Excessive exercise can also adversely affect fertility – everything in moderation!

Count your eggs… before they are hatched

Even if you are not actively trying to conceive, it may be worth checking your egg reserve, especially if you are over 35, when women’s fertility starts to decrease. This can be done fairly simply by having a blood test to check your anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels released by the follicles of the ovary, as it gives an idea of how well they are functioning. You may even be able to do the test at your GP’s office for around R400.

‘Many women assume a regular 28-day cycle is a sign of fertility, but that does not mean you are ovulating, says Paul Serhal.So having your egg reserve tested is a useful tool, putting you in the know and in control.

If your eggs aren’t up to scratch, you have the option of IVF using donor eggs. Your partner can still supply his sperm and the IVF process will go ahead with the donor egg, or you can choose to have an embryo (with donor egg and donor sperm already combined) implanted. Over half of women undergoing IVF aged 45 and over use donated eggs*.

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Short haircuts for women over  with glasses

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