Short Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair 

Hello sunshine Hair loss and rickets

Not spending enough time in the outdoors can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which is always a possible factor contributing to hair loss. An easy solution to increase your sunlight exposure is to take a ten-minute (early morning or late afernoon) stroll in the sun once a day to get your daily dose of vitamin D.25

The Facts: Hair loss and rickets are the primary symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency, along with psoriasis or a flaky scalp.

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Sun kisses

The bad news is, too much ultraviolet light from direct sunlight on the cuticle has a similar effect to that of bleach.

The Facts: Over-exposure to UV rays weakens the internal structure of the hair, resulting in hair breakage and loss. Eventually the keratin (protein) of the hair breaks down and results in a gradual weakening of hair, which leads to chronic dryness and loss of pigment.

The sun kissed effect shows up as light streaks in the hair, ofen referred to as sun-bleached hair. Supplements for suppleness

Take-out, packaged food and convenient meals can sometimes lack the crucial nutrients we need to grow lush, healthy hair. The aisles of the chemist and supermarkets are teeming with multivitamins and supplements touting their benefits. My quest lead me to compile this list of supplements specifically needed to grow a healthy head of hair.

Short Haircuts For Women With Thick Hair 

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