Short Hairstyles Black Hair

If you have short hair then your dilemmas are as short as your hair. Get a good stylish haircut. That will be your most time consuming, most expensive, and most valuable investment. Hair cut to style is a simple wash and go affair. Develop a simple routine – shampoo, condition, spray on a light sheen, comb out (or finger comb) – you do not need much more than that.

For women with longer hair who exercise regularly or are getting ready for an exercise program that will last several weeks it is important to think carefully and choose a hairstyle that holds hair in place and does not allow hair to revert when you sweat; suits your lifestyle, from office, to home to party; and is easy to maintain yourself (otherwise you will spend much of your time and money in the hair salon).

Short Hairstyles Black Hair Photo Gallery

Medium length hair is the trickiest length to deal with and is where most natural Afro aspirants fall in the commitment to natural hair. Consider braids or twists with or without extensions.

Short Hairstyles Black Hair

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