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I’d bring it back to him the next week and he would critique it. As soon as she graduated high school Kacey’s parents and grandparents helped fund her first record and with a self-released album in tow, she moved to Austin and soon after competed on Nashville Star. Finishing in seventh place, the show was credited for introducing her to Nashville and since then she hasn’t looked back.

It is kind of strange how you work for years and years and one thing catches and it spreads like wildfire and you’re, quote unquote, Short hairstyles and colors the new person in town. But I’m also flattered by that because a) it means something’s working and b) you get to be new once, so it is fun and I’m kind of rolling with it. These kind of careers do not always last forever so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts and be present and try not to get too caught up in the stressful parts of it and just enjoy what I’m doing and what I started out doing, which is just writing songs and making music.

Kacey is so involved in every aspect of her career but she’s also a very honest person and so it must all reflect a central point of truth to herself. This can take it is toll when managing an entire business built around herself and her music and at such a young age.

Nothing makes its way past me that does not feel like me. Down to the font on a t-shirt or the colour of something or the backdrop behind us on stage or what the guys are wearing or what I’m wearing. It has to feel like something I’m going to be proud to represent for a long time or I just can’t sell it. It does not read as me or believable. I’m not a good liar – anyone who knows me will tell you that if I do not like something you can immediately see it on my face. So I just find it to be really freeing if you do what you would naturally do, and those that like it are going to like it and those who do not won’t. Then there’s no confusion.

For Kacey these live performances is what music is about, but it is also about breaking down barriers. She does not see traditional or new country, but she sees her own individual style and harnesses this. Her song-writing has been a massive part of the development of her career and she’s spent a long time co-writing in Nashville and working on her craft.

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Short hairstyles and colors

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