Short Hairstyles For African Ladies

If you have never had red hair before, make sure you choose the right red for your skin tones and style. Choose a shade you will feel comfortable in and suits you well. For example, if you’re wild and creative, choose a hot, fiery red. Now, I know this next statement is going to get me in trouble but here goes:

Most redheads are types.

They are often (but not always!) either very soft and unassuming, or gutsy, in-your-face personalities. Actually, the wig-shop makeover tip mentioned in a previous chapter, will be more fun for you than the other shades because if nothing else, redheads like to have fun. Just make sure your fun includes choosing the right shade of red for you.

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With these rich red shades, it is best to splurge and go to a professional colorist. If you are using at-home products, be sure to think it through carefully before you start. Reds are very difficult to change if you make a mistake. If it’s a choice of getting a high-end haircut or great color get great color. Haircuts are much easier to fix if they go wrong, in comparison to correcting red shades. Most colorists I know love reds myself included. I like blondes and brunettes but I LOVE reds. When you go to the salon, you will take your hair shade of choice in the form of a portfolio of favorite photos you have clipped from fashion magazines.

You have had your free consultation (either on the phone or in person). You know because of your research the colorist you are going to is the very best for redheads. Now, you can relax and let the good times roll!

Short Hairstyles For African Ladies

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