Short Hairstyles For Men

Let’s examine the “makeover look” as shown in the following short story about someone I have known for years.

This person is a very beautiful woman who is very strong-willed about her appearance especially her hair. She has worn the same off-yellow blonde (almost orange) for about 40 years long, to the shoulders. She always asks for an ash blonde, and then, when she gets it, she hates it. What she thinks she’s asking for is the “California blonde.” You know, “the beach look.” But what she really wants is to look and feel as she did when she was 20 years old! And that was a long, long time ago.

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Most women can run an office, or be a CFO of an international company, run home and prepare dinner for the kids; and then entertain their significant other. They manage to stay connected to everything but their hair color. Bad hair color is unsightly and can make one look older than their actual age. So as the years in your life bring about change, so should your hair color. As your skin tones change, you must sofen your hair color.

Sadly, some women have often worn a certain blonde or red shade for years and insist on a particular shade, even though it may not look as good as it used to. I have even seen some women with hair color the same as their skin!

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