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As with many of the early beauty pioneers, the Westmore brothers were not above the idea of concocting an illustrious heritage. In Frank Westmore’s memoir, he explains how Perc told people that the Westmores were of noble birth in England and how everyone lapped it upexcept for actor Charles Laughton, who reportedly replied, you are so full of s***, your eyes are brown. They became as famous in Hollywood as the stars whose faces they were making up. Along with that fame came plenty of money, though they managed to spend the lotapart from Wally, who seems to have been the only levelheaded brother when it came to finances. Unlike Max Factor, who was a businessman, the Westmores were the creatives, with all that entailed: family feuds, spending sprees, partying, fraternal jealousy, alcoholism, and too many marriages (and alimony payments) to keep track of, not to mention bad health and business acumen. All of which lead to the closure of the House of Westmore and the eventual failure of the product line business. The next generation of Westmores entered Hollywood and have continued to this day creating movie-makeup magic and cementing their legendary reputation, which was quite rightly honored with a star in their name on Hollywood Boulevard in 2008.
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Short hairstyles gray hair

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