Short layered haircuts for brunettes

SHEDDING THE WEIGHT After having surgery on my lip, I waited for it to heal. In March 2015, I embarked on my weight loss journey. A friend was on the Dr Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet, and after seeing how great it had worked for her, I decided to join it. The diet focuses on food portion control. The first week on the diet was a nightmare! I had three meals a day that were no more than 250g, two pieces of fruit and five crackers a day. But, my body adjusted. Short layered haircuts for brunettes Seeing the weight drop with every monthly weigh-in was motivational. I ate before going to media events so I wouldn’t binge. I trained myself to be okay with watching people eat. I told myself I was going to pull through with this one. I cheated on the programme a few times, but picked myself up every time. I was on a mission! It wasn’t going to be one of those fad diets I’d tried before. I was tired of being fat and not liking myself!

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Short layered haircuts for brunettes

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