Short To Medium Hairstyles

Haircare Guide For Best Short To Medium Hairstyles

Hair in its dry state should NEVER be combed or brushed. Hair should only be combed or brushed when it is wet. This helps the hair to retain its natural curl pattern and reduces the amount of damage inflicted upon the hair.

Each and every one of us is beautiful in our own natural way even though our natural beauty may not look alike. It is important for us to understand that we all represent beauty. I liken it to a rose and an orchid. Even though they look very different from each other, they both represent natural beauty.

I want to have beautiful natural hair and I want my hair to be healthy. As a huge proponent of healthy hair, I’m not an advocate of chemical processing. This does not mean that I’m an opponent of straight hair. I have found that there are many ways to have straight healthy hair without the use of chemicals.

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Short To Medium Hairstyles

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