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Turning hair heads

Shrinking capillaries or scalp muscle tension can cause a lack of blood flow to the scalp. Inversion is the simple method of inverting your body so more blood flows to your head. You can do this by letting half your body hang off the side of a bed, performing headstands or bending at the waist and flipping your hair over.

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The Facts: Leaning forward helps the blood flow to the scalp and this helps strengthen the hair follicles.

Inversion needs to be practised somewhere safe so you do not end up head over tail in the bathroom recess from losing your balance and slipping on shampoo. There is also the swollen head effect, whereby you can actually feel your face filling up with blood and your eyes feel a little bulgy, do not stress this will pass, just don’t hold the pose too long and practise your inversion in moderation.

Short Natural Haircuts Black Women 

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