Short Wavy Haircuts For Women 

Potassium For Hairs

Sodium levels are regulated by your potassium intake. A potassium deficiency (hypokalaemia) can cause your hair to fall out. High levels of sodium from hypokalaemia can damage the hair follicles and prevent the necessary nutrients from reaching your hair.

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Nuts about nuts

Skip this post if you are allergic to nuts.

For a long time nuts have been touted as bad guys full of fats that should be avoided when it came to eating healthy. What we now know is nuts are a powerhouse of essential minerals for hair growth.

The Facts: One of the important benefits of nuts is that they provide the body with proteins, zinc and good fats. Eating a handful of mixed nuts is probably the best way to reap the benefits they have to offer and to stave off hunger pangs in a healthy way that will help with your hair growth.

Almonds, cashew and pecans:

A great source of zinc.

Short Wavy Haircuts For Women 

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