Short Wavy Hairstyles

Glowing Hair Rosemary Shampoo For Short Wavy Hairstyles

This recipe brings a radiant liveliness to your hair. It is fragrant and would add the desired and needed shine to your hair.


2 tablespoons of rosemary, dried

1/4 cup of water, distilled

1/4 cup of liquid Castile Soap (use lemon)

1/4 lemon essential oil

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

Flip Cap Bottles or Foaming Bottles to dispense


1. Bring water to boiling in a pot over medium high heat.

2. Measure in rosemary and then leave for a while to release flavor into hot water, until water becomes fragrant.

3. Using a mesh strainer or cheesecloth, strain water from leaves and set rosemary flavored water aside to cool.

4. After cooling, measure in the liquid castile soap, sweet almond oil and lemon essential oil.

5. Stir well to combine.

6. Transfer mixture into a flip cap bottle and store in a cool, dry place.

7. Apply as you would a regular shampoo.

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Short Wavy Hairstyles

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