Shoulder Length Hairdos With Bangs 

Why is our natural beauty not accepted by us? If we ourselves do not accept, or are dissatisfied with the way we look and feel a need to alter our appearance, how can we expect others to accept us “as we are”? We do not accept ourselves to the degree that we are willing to put ourselves in the path of harmful chemicals and processes that can damage and destroy the natural beauty and health of our temple.

Shoulder Length Hairdos With Bangs  Photo Gallery

I am going to specifically address my ethnic race in this post of the book. There is a root to this dilemma but many do not want to face the truth. As a race we have accepted the perception that something is wrong with the way we look; whether it be our hair, our skin color, the structure of our face, the color of our eyes, the size of our lips or our body shape.

We have, for decades, looked to the outside to pacify a need that can only be satisfied and healed by going deep down on the inside to where the truth abides and the root of the issue lies.

Shoulder Length Hairdos With Bangs 

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