You would think he’s so good just because he’s so good, but think about the superstitions of Wayne Gretzky. Then multiply by a thousand or so and you get the level of superstition Sidney Crosby brings to the rink every day. Indeed, as he will say to defend his privacy, he’s so superstitious that one of his superstitions is not to talk about them!

Still, word gets out and teammates leak bits of information on the subject, and Crosby himself will ’fess up to a thing or two. For starters, he must walk through the Mellon Arena from the street outside to the dressing room taking the same path, going through certain doors, past certain fixed objects. It is a route created by Crosby himself and it makes no sense to the common walker.


At the entrance to the dressing room he takes off his street shoes. These never touch the sanctity of the room, so if he walks out having forgotten something, he’ll take his shoes off before returning to get the item.

Even stranger is his eating habits. He’s not particular about what kinds of food he eats, but when he sits down he must have Maxime Talbot on his left and Pascal Dupuis on his right. Anyone who alters this order is not well versed in Crosby-ania.

Crosby’s main concern is his sticks. Once he’s taped them and put them in position for the game, no one can touch them. The tape is like a safe, and once it’s on the sticks they belong to him and only him. If someone does touch one, he’ll take the tape off and redo it.

Pity his mother. Crosby also refuses to talk to her on game day because every time he has done so in the past he has been injured.

As for the team, his role as captain allows him some power for success. That is, he likes to stay at the same hotel so long as the team is winning, but a loss means the end to that hotel. This was most conspicuous during the 2009 Cup finals against Detroit. When the Penguins travelled to Michigan for games, they stayed at a different hotel than in 2008, when the Red Wings won the Cup at Pittsburgh’s expense.

And one last one for the road, as it were. Whenever the team bus goes over a railway crossing, Crosby raises his legs and touches the window. Go figure.


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