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How could you use the EBP principles to improve your clinical practice?

What colleagues might be resources for new questions or help you critically appraise evidence?

What is your success rate in answering your clinical questions?

Are you finding the evidence you need to answer questions? If not, how will you adjust your process?

If you do not feel successful, you may need to refine your search strategies or your writing of clinical questions.

How many sources of evidence are you using? Are you constantly relying on 1 or 2?

How long is it taking to find and appraise evidence?

Might there be a more efficient way to conduct searches and review articles?

How have you applied new evidence in your clinical practice?

What new questions or factors did you consider during this process?

Check for more recent articles. Possibly, the questions or factors you noticed have been investigated.

Bringing It Together

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• The 3 components of EBM are clinical expertise, scientific research, and patient values and characteristics.

• EBP helps to improve clinical decision making and provides answers to clinical questions that are based on the best available evidence.

• The 5 steps of EBP include developing a clinical question, conducting a search, critically appraising the research, applying the evidence by integrating the clinical bottom line with clinical expertise and patient values, and evaluating the effectiveness and efficacy of the clinical bottom line.

• The PICO method allows clinicians to frame a clinical question based on clinical characteristics so that the best available evidence will be located.

• The type of database used may depend on the type of PICO question being asked.

• Critical appraisal of the best evidence provides the information that assists in answering the clinical question and develops the framework for applying the answers to clinical practice.

• Depending on the type of article being reviewed, the critical appraisal will use different metrics to evaluate the quality.

• Based on the available evidence, clinician expertise, and the patient’s needs, the best treatment option is determined. A plan of care with specific patient outcomes will evaluate the effectiveness of the clinical intervention.

Simple Exercise Routine For Weight Loss

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