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Making Money

If you’ re obsessed with making more and more money, try the following:

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Create a list of all the things you’re missing out on because you’re spending so much time and energy focused on making money (the list might include everything from spending time with family to pursuing a hobby). Make the effort to do at least one of the things on your list, even if it results in your making less money.

Create a reasonable target money range for yourself a range that allows you to achieve moderate money goals, from savings to lifestyle and resolve to spend only as much time working as befits this target.

I f you’re beating yourself up for making so little money and need to make more, try the following:

Ask yourself if it is feasible to make the money you want to make in your current job. Be honest about this and whether you could make what you want to make within a reasonable time frame.

List the actions you might take to make more money, including asking for a raise; signing up for classes to obtain a needed skill; developing a new profit center in your business; obtaining an advanced degree; transferring to a different part of the organization; changing jobs; or changing careers. Decide to take at least one of these actions.

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