Skin Care Schools

Skin Care Schools

Shampoo and Hair Care

Buy a good, neutral pH value shampoo and add your own lavender to it. To a 100-ml bottle add about 60 drops of lavender oil. An alcohol-based scalp rub can be made by adding 5 ml of lavender to 100 ml of vodka – this can be used to rid the hair of fleas and lice (though it should not be used on irritated skin).

Sitz Bath/Douche.

For vaginal and genito-urinary infections, add 6-8 drops of lavender oil to a shallow bath or bowl of warm water and bathe the affected area.

Skin Treatments: Creams, Gels, Lotions, Masks and Oils.

The proportions used for mixing skin creams, gels, masks and oils are the same as those for massage purposes – see above. For skin care, additional carrier oils such as avocado, hazelnut, borage, peach and apricot kernel can also be included in the blend to suit different skin types.

A light, simple lavender water can be made up using 100 ml distilled water and 25 drops of lavender oil – shake well before use.

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