Skin Care and Skin Protection Methods


Considering that we have so much knowledge about the effects of the sun, you should protect your skin every time you go to the sun, not just on the beach, by the pool, or outdoors. Experts say that all skin types are at risk for skin cancer, stains, blurred vision and rapid aging, with the correctness of how dark your skin is to be affected by harmful sun rays.

Cream removers are used to remove makeup and other foreign substances from the rough and are ideal for using in the nights. Circulate the skin with circular movements and wait a few minutes to purify the remains on your skin. Then wipe your face with a soaked sponge or a damp cotton cloth.

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It is ideal to use wash products or pH balanced soaps banyoda or shower. When used together with facial cleansing brushes, they clean both your skin and dead skin at the same time.

Night creams are ideal for use between 23:00 and 01:00 hours when the skin’s self-repairing power is at its peak. They contain special ingredients to help the skin heal.

Moisturizers are products that are needed daily for all skin types. Choose products that contain antioxidants and sunscreens that will prevent premature aging and provide adequate hydration to your skin.
Eye make-up removers are necessary to clean the delicate eye area. Do not think you can use normal cleaners in this area. The best is to choose more delicate products that do not contain perfume or oil. Begin with the outer corner of your eye and be careful not to stretch your skin.

To achieve the highest level of skin care that you apply to yourself:

Use a shower boa or a towel tape to remove your hair from your face during cleaning.
A light cleanser applied to dry skin to wipe out the skin dry and wipe cleaner
Also use a damp cotton for.

Cleaning products containing hard particles can irritate or damage capillaries. Choose a skin peel in oat flour mildness and try it on your hand.

Always include your entire neck region in your daily beauty treatment. Boynunuzun also need to look like and give importance to the same face. And thank you for doing it in your 40s.

Do not wait till disasters happen. Prevention is always easy to treat.

Keep sponges, face cloths, brushes and all the tools you use clean.

Always be gentle to your skin. Do not rub it hard, do not squeeze and pull it.

Instead of making steam baths that could hardly come to your skin, a few drops of refreshing plant oils such as mint or lavender, a towel dripped and wet with hot water,
deeply breathe through.

Choose when you can be alone at home to do your own skin care or apply a mask. A female face covered with an avocado face mask and two tea bags standing in the eye pits can cause most men to run away without looking back.

Dissolve the passwords of your skin.

Skin Care and Skin Protection Methods

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