Skin Mask

Skin Mask

The first thing that comes to mind in the case of Suna DUMANKAYA has become the skin care methods that are followed by everyone’s interest in the masks that she has prepared using her perfect natural skin formulas and herbal and natural formulas.

Peeling’den hair care products from cellulite counter-formulas to pornstars has become a phenomenon in many issues Suna DUMANKAYA Skin Mask is especially followed by the ladies with interest.

The mask, which he uses as a profession secret, has become one of the most well-known masks, especially with the apple circus formula. Suna lady who collects her work in a book shares all her formulas and beauty secrets with you. Attempted by masters and proved by many authorities, masks attract the attention of users with its natural structure.

Suna hanım who does not fall from the agenda with his book named Beauty secrets, especially those who are prominent in the world of fame and fashion receive help in consulting. The masks, which are the essentials of a healthy skin, are waiting for you with their wonderful formulas of Suna lady.

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It is also effective in skin masks at the lower vitamins.

C vitamin
Citrus, fried peppers and strawberries; these are good sources for super antioxidants. Vitamin C blood vessels are the basis for creating healthy skin texture and preventing disease-causing free radicals. C vitamins are used in many areas but the most common is cure and prevention. The daily value is 60 milligrams, but experts generally recommend 3003,000 milligrams of support.

Have you forgotten that your mother used to drink milk for strong bones and teeth? This is why milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium, and calcium is a mineral that your body needs to make bones. Women in particular need enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis. The daily value is 1000 milligrams, but if you do not drink too much milk, you can get support for 1,200 milligrams.

Skin Mask

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