Don’t suffer from sleepless nights this winter; spritz This Works Plus Pillow Spray (£35 for 150ml; on your bedlinen. The relaxing combination of lavender, vertivert and wild chamomile is now three times as potent as the original version, so it is fast acting and long lasting. A study also found this spray provided two hoursextra sleep a night. Slumber rating, 10/10!

Britons, on average, spend a whopping 24 hours a week watching television, which is having a serious impact on our health, according to the latest research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. It found that those who reported watching three to four hours of television per day were 15 per cent more likely to die from any cause over the study period than those who watched less than an hour a day. Although we found exercise didn’t fully eliminate risks associated with prolonged TV viewing, exercise should be the first choice to replace that previously inactive time, says study author Dr Sarah Keadle.



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