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Main Sources: Freshwater fish, cold water fish such as mackerel, mackerel and tuna; crushed flaxseed, flax seed oil (sometimes called fish oil alternative vegetables); walnuts and walnut oil; Brazilian walnuts.

Skin Care Benefits: Proper wound healing has been reported to relieve arthritis symptoms, softening and healing aid in eczema and psoriasis, balancing oil production.

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A and E vitamins, long known as healthy skin nutrients, are soluble in fatty acids so they can be used by the body.


Meydanya Bender: Gamalinolenic acid

Main Sources: Donkey pomace oil, borage oil, black firenk grape oil, blue mossy algae

Skin Care Benefits: Provides soft, healthy, moist skin and smooth joint function and flexibility.

Deficiency Symptoms: Dry and scaly skin, eczema, painful joints, stiffness

Oils Required for Skin Care

Young children live in the moment. The here and now. When they are talking to you, they want you, but when they are at daycare or school, their attention is focused on what they are doing. It is like when you drop your child off at daycare. He may cry and scream, but often will settle down by the time you are in your car, happily playing with friends. He wants you when you are there, but when you are gone, his attention refocuses to what is in front of him. This is often the same way with being away from your child while in the hospital. It doesn’t mean she won’t miss you or that you shouldn’t talk to her for fear of upsetting her. Rather, that children process information much differently than adults. I also found it is important to share with your children’s caregivers what is going on with your pregnancy.

Soft Touch Skin Care

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