The Maharishi Ayured Churnas are special blends of herbs and spices that promote health as well as add flavor to your cooking. When following Indian recipes, they can be used as garam masala, that is, 4 or 5 flavorful spices, ground and preblended for your cooking convenience. Churnas and masalas can be heated in a little oil or ghee, then added to cooked vegetables to make a curried dish. Or they can be mixed in small amounts with any of your favorite foods to taste. All three ChurnasVata, Pitta, and Kaphacan be used by everyone to some extent. This, too, depends on taste and individual seasonal needs. Weve talked about the unique way Vata Churna enhances dahls and bean dishes, but each of the Churnas provides rich and marvelous flavorings for creamy soups, gravies, marinades, dressings, and sauces. Experiments with these Churnas are sure to yield many pleasant results. They can be ordered directly from Maharishi Ayured Products International, listed on page 293.


The Maharishi Ayured Churnas come in handy when you want to be certain all six tastessweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungentare represented in a meal. When a main meal is Ayurvedically balanced, meaning that each of the six tastes can be clearly identified, then the entire meal is balanced. So the Churnas should not be sprinkled over an entire plate of food. Nor should a single Churna be used in every dish in the meal. This blurs or throws off the effect of the different tastes and the balance in the meal. Add a single Churna to only one or two dishes at a meal. Then use a different one, other herbs or spices, or simply the combined ingredients themselves to make good-tasting, well-balanced meals.

The Best of the Best

Certain foods are so especially nutritious that Ayurveda has identified them as rasayanas, that is, foods that promote longevity. A rasayana contains all the nutrition needed for the development of every body tissue. It works on that familiar gardening principle of watering the root of a plant to develop all the parts. Rasayanas nourish the very basis of physical life.

The plump, light-colored fig known as anjier and mentioned before is a rasayana for everyone. It is sold in some supermarkets and natural food stores as the white Calmyrna fig. Other rasayanas include basmati rice, ghee, wheat, Urad gram, blanched almonds, and ground nutmeg to name a few.


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