Spider bite for child

Spider bite for child

The button spider is the only species in South Africa that is likely to cause a severe reaction.

The most dangerous is small and black and has a red spot at the lower tip of the smooth egg case which is attached to the body.

Symptoms of button spider bites include difficulty with breathing, cramping pain, sweating, vomiting and collapse.

Apply crushed ice to the wound to delay absorption of the poison.

Get the child to the hospital immediately.

Give artificial respiration if necessary.


Treat as a fracture until an X-ray has been taken.

1. Apply cold compresses or immerse in cold water.

2. Raise injured area and do not let the child use it.

3. See a doctor.


For bee, wasp, hornet and bluebottle stings:

1. Remove the sting (if present) with tweezers or the point of a sterilised needle.

Do not try to pluck it out with your fingers as more poison could be released.

2. If no tweezers are available, scrape the sting out with your fingernail.

3. Apply ice cubes wrapped in a cloth to reduce pain and swelling.

4. Calamine lotion with antihistamine applied immediately will lessen the reaction. A weak ammonia solution may also be applied.

5. In the case of bluebottle stings flood the area with methylated spirits.

Contact doctor immediately if there are signs of severe allergic reaction such as dizziness, severe swelling, difficult breathing or collapse.

Give artificial respiration if necessary.

Spider bite for child

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