Spring eye makeup 2017

She notion that eating should be considered one of the most precious parts of our day not only offers a new perspective on the very essence of eating but it also allows us to focus on the myriad ways in which nourishing ourselves contributes to our overall beauty.

Forging connections between food and beauty both inner and outer is something that Lee Holmes, author of Eat Yourself Beautiful, has spent years focusing on from her home in Sydney, Australia.

Ageless, radiant and ethereal beauty is more about what we feed our bodies and how we actually feel inside than our external appearance, she says.

The truth is, what you eat can make an enormous difference in terms of how fast your body will age as well as the condition of your skin, body and internal organs, Holmes says. If you want to look truly fabulous, glowing and vibrant, it is crucial to know that what you put on your plate is more important than any skincare line or commercial cosmetic you put onto your skin. In fact, the more nutrient-rich foods you consume, the better you will look and feel.

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Spring eye makeup 2017

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