Spring Fashion Trends 2017

Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker joined the high-street fashion pack too, sporting dresses with intricate embroidery designed by the giant Swedish retailer. The red carpet is not the only route employed by H&M to set itself apart, though. Whereas fast-fashion retailers are often widely criticized for producing huge volumes of clothes that not only a ect the environment we live in but the people who are making the clothes too, H&M has been at the forefront of ‘sustainable fast fashion’ and ‘eco-consumerism’.

Although the notion that fast fashion, that turns around ranges at an incredible pace and invites consumers to buy too much too quickly, could be a model for eco-consumerism, is still heavily debated, H&M wants to not only develop a brand that is sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious but to encourage consumers to think twice before buying a garment.

Spring Fashion Trends 2017 Photo Gallery

Spring Fashion Trends 2017

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