Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Know

So, we read and research widely and there is always something fascinating in every industry or type of consumer behaviour. But ideas and insights are useless if they are confusing or out of context, so I also really love organising, structuring and communicating ideas – ‘naming and framing’ trends and supplying the right examples and evidence to really get the point across.

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I do a lot of presenting and the moment where you can see someone in the audience getting your point…there’s nothing better. I like to be ‘just scared enough’ to be stimulated, and so presenting to large audiences or tackling complex ideas means I get that almost every day. We are constantly scanning across geographies and industries to find the new ‘new’ behaviours among consumers, innovative products and services that are appearing, as early evidence of how brands can respond to those new behaviours, and fresh ways to connect with consumers through media, marketing and retail. So as a business we are publishing new content on our subscription platform Stylus.com every day. But we’re not just magpies looking for shiny new things.

Our understanding of the slower-moving but hugely important global drivers of trends – things like evolving demographics, emerging technologies, economic drivers or social and political change – means we’re looking at newness in the context of changes that have already happened or are going to happen. It’s because of this that we can make connections across industries, such as showing a beauty business, say, how a new ingredient becoming popular in packaged foods might move across into the cosmetics sector. Ultimately we’re always looking for patterns, because as humans, patterns are how we find meaning. You can’t have a pattern of one, so we’re always looking for comparison and context. And there’s no point just describing what is happening now, we have to explore why something is happening. Only by understanding what’s behind something can you really know what’s ahead. Augmented reality (AR) technologies becoming more accessible to individual consumers is a trend to watch. This is set to change everything from our at-home entertainment to our shopping habits. And pets – keep an eye on pet foods and products in the Australian market. When populations age, or there are more families without children, there’s more spending on domestic pets. Overall, though, the biggest trend is the move away from even owning items or objects and into experiences. As people demand more environmentally responsible products and services, and our expectations around convenience and delivery (hello, Amazon Australia) grow, we’ll start to see ever-more sophisticated leasing or renting services, even for things like clothes.

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