‘Tell him that you want to lose weight and need his help to kick-start your new healthy diet, recommends nutritionist Christine Bailey.That way he feels he’s doing you a favour rather than the other way around!Jane Ogden suggests using the wordwea lot and framing it around what’s good for your health rather than your figure.Try saying things like, “I felt a bit breathless the other day when I ran up the stairs. Maybe we should do a bit more, we are not as young as we used to be – we need to try to be a bit more active”.

We’re all for splitting domestic duties, but if you want to make sure he’s eating well, the easiest way is by offering to prepare dinner – that way you are in charge of the menu.Ditch the pasta/rice/potatoes and pile his plate with loads more vegetables and plenty of protein, too, says Christine Bailey.If your man loves his meat, serve him a good-quality lean steak with plenty of veg, she adds.Protein fills you up, meaning he’s less likely to want to snack later. Whatever you do, do not give in to his pleas for a side order of chunky chips!


‘Women can help motivate their partners by exercising with them, says Tyrone Brennand.You do not necessarily have to train together, but if you both go to the gym and do your own workout, it promotes a more active lifestyle. In fact, one study found that couples who hit the gym together are up to 94% more likely to stick with their workout routine. If the gym’s not really your thing, try long weekend walks, cycling trips, or an afternoon spent with the family at the swimming pool. Or you could just lock the bedroom door and get it on! Thirty minutes of sex burns about 630 kilojoules, possibly more if you try a mix of positions that work different muscles.



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