3 oz. mashed bean curd

1 oz. minced chicken

1 tsp. each minced scallion and ginger

1 tsp. sherry

1 egg white

2 tbsp. cooking oil

2 cups clear broth

5-6 sliced fresh mushrooms

2 tbsp. cornstarch dissolved in water

2 tbsp. chicken fat

1/2 oz. pea sprouts

1/2 oz. cooked ham slices

Salt to taste

To Prepare:

1. Mix bean curd with minced chicken, scallion and ginger sauce, salt, sherry, egg white and oil.

2. Coat 12 tablespoons with oil. Place bean curd on each. Steam for 20 minutes. Cut each spoon of bean curd into two diamond cubes.

3. Bring the broth to a boil- Add mushrooms, ham slices, salt, bean curd, cornstarch, chicken fat and pea sprouts. Transfer it to a plate and serve.

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