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Tales from the riverbank

Where to begin? Steve Folk seems to be the epitome ofliving the dream- he does have two narrow boats for goodness sake. The album sleeve shows him sat by the side of a canal in his armchair with guitar by his side, found anything to dislike thus far? In addition to the above he also writes a mean song, ten on this album, and other than percussion and some vocals makes all the noises that emanate from it, and, apparently, there are three other albums that have come before this, can’t say if they are as good but I’m certainly looking forward to the next.

So what of the songs? It pretty much tells it like it is in the world of a touring singer-songwriter, describing the present, looking forward to the next trip and, of course, missing those that are left behind. If I have to give a pointer towards a comparison I would suggest Steve Tilston, for no other reason than both can make the everyday seem like moments of great significance.

No examples, just get it yourself and invite Steve into your living room via the medium of cd and in person as he is not averse to performing there. Ian Ambrose


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