Style Expectations Vs Reality Fashion Tips To REALLY Improve Your Image

Style Expectations Vs Reality Fashion Tips To REALLY Improve Your Image Gentlemen, today we’re talking about the difference between your lofty expectations and the more grounded reality of what happens when you level up your style. Lofty expectations #1: You think that new clothes are going to look great on you and the grounded reality is you go out there, spend $2000 on this entire new wardrobe which you try it on. You don’t like the way it fits. You don’t like the way it looks. You never wear it and you waste that money.

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When you’re buying clothes guys remember the style pyramid: fit, fabric, function. Never buy anything that doesn’t fit you or can’t be slightly adjusted to fit you better. Next stop. Focusing on the function of that clothing. Is it something that’s going to suit your needs? Is it going to send the message you’re going to send? Is it going to work for work? Is it going to work for your casual environment? Now let’s talk about fabric and when I say fabric I mean the quality of the overall build, the materials that are used. You want to buy the best that you can afford. I understand when you’re just starting off you got a low budget. You’re going to probably have to skimp here. But as you start to build up your budget, you actually save aside some money then you maybe want to upgrade to higher quality suits that use a finer weave. You have to save up a bit more but you get a much better construction. Lofty expectation #2: Everyone is going to notice your new style, your new look. The reality, most people do not care.

To be honest they don’t care about you at all. They care about themselves, their problems, their families, and their immediate concerns. Whoa, Carl. Are you saying that style doesn’t matter? No. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying though is that who it’s going to matter for is actually very small, very targeted but often times very important. We’re talking about your peers, your boss, your family, the people that you’re in close proximity with. Those are the ones who are going to be affected by your image and the message you’re sending. Alright, gents, so now I got a bonus points for you. Lofty expectation. You just graduated with your BBA, with your MBA, with your fancy degree. You just got out of the military.

You’re expected to go right into the workforce. Kick butt. Get those promotions and make the big bucks. The reality is that you are working crazy hours. You’re not getting recognize and you’re going nowhere in your current job. What’s the solution? Gentlemen, you need the skills to pay the bills. I’m talking about developing specific skill set which are going to make you irreplaceable. They’re going to make you the go to guy on your team so that you start to get the recognition. You have your boss’s boss asking for you to come in and give the presentation to be able to make things happened because you’re a go getter. Hold up there, Carl. I ain’t got time to go back to school. Hey, I get that.

Guys, that’s why I brought in today’s sponsor Skillshare. I’ve talked about them before. Eighteen thousand classes online that you can take on demand and you can pick up the skills to become that invaluable asset in your company. I’m talking about amazing skills like SEO so you could learn from Rand Fishkin. I’d talked about him before. This guy is the man when it comes to SEO. SEO not your thing. How about you become the go to person in your startup or your nonprofit when it comes to social media. Gary Vaynerchuk has a great class on Skillshare. He talks about standing out in a noisy world. Simon Sinek. I’d talked about Simon.

This guy knows how to give a presentation. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to high quality classes on must know topics so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities, and do the work you love. Guys, Skillshare is also more affordable than most of the learning platforms out there. An annual subscription is going to cost you less than $10 a month. Gents, I’m linking the Skillshare down the description of this post. There’s a special link there. If you use it you can sign up for two months for $0.99. That link can only be used 600x so use it or lose it guys. It’s an awesome deal. Lofty expectation #3: You are going to rock that new fashion trend. You’re going to wear that hat.

You’re going to wear that loud shirt. You are going to look good and turn heads. The reality is that you start to wear it and you feel very uncomfortable. And in fact, you start to wish that you weren’t wearing it. You find a way to ditch it and you’re hoping that nobody looks and makes fun of you. So, what happened here? The key is if you’re going to bring in a new look practice wearing the clothing in private before you take it out in the public. Build up your confidence and then you can own the look. Now this next lofty expectation is you’re going to get tons of compliments from the ladies. The reality is you get compliments from a lot of men and some guys are like that’s not what I was looking for. But here’s the deal is that other men recognized other men for being well-dressed. It’s not something that they’re hitting on you. Well maybe some are.

But the point here is you will be surprised when you dress better how many men are going to compliment you on your shoes, on your watch, on that jacket. This is big actually when you’re in groups. Women actually noticed that other men looked up to a guy. He’s basically being given social boost. There is a big advance to it. Now this next lofty expectation is a dangerous one. And that’s you expect if you’re paying more for a certain product, you’re going to get better quality and the reality is there are many items out there that are way overpriced particularly higher end brands that are resting on their lures. I’m not going to bash any brands here. But I will say that this happens all the time. It’s one of the reasons I’m really careful about the brands that I worked with, the companies I worked with. I test everything. But I don’t want you to go out there and think just because you’re spending a lot of money you’re going to get higher quality.

You need to know how to spot it. So the lofty expectation here is you’re going to work with a high end stylist and you’re going to get a great haircut. Now you may get that great haircut but the reality is the next that you wake up look at your hair and there is no way that you can replicate that. The thing is you don’t know what they did and you didn’t pay attention you didn’t get the haircut to actually replicate it. So that’s key. If you don’t know and this is already passed the point, go back to your stylist. Go back to that barber and find out how did you actually get this. Pay attention to the small details. Did they actually wash their hair before. That has an effect. Did they use a particular type of product? Did they use actually a blow dryer to shape the hair? What type of brush did they use? All of these details go into getting the style. Pro tip: Take a picture of that perfect haircut and keep it on your phone.

Store it as a reference. Lofty expectations you think you’re going to stop shaving for a month and you are going to grow this beautiful, full, thick beard. The harsh reality after a month it just looks like you didn’t shave for a month. You got these bare patches of skin right over here so it looks you can’t even grow a beard and it itches like no other. Here’s the reality gents is that not all of us have the great genetics to quickly grow a beard. But any man can grow a beard if he gives it enough time. And that’s the key. You’ve got to give it a few months. You sometimes got to give it six months. My friend Eric over at Beardbrand, he says give it a year. Grow a yeard as he calls it. But at the end of the day guys understand that your genetics are going to play a big role in how quickly you’re going to grow that beard.

Alright gents, do you like the post? Make sure to click on that like button. If you’re not already a commentr to this style blog, make sure to comment. And down in the comments, you guys know I love to interact with you. Go down there. Let me know. What else did I miss in this post? What would you have added to make this post better? Gentlemen, don’t forget go check out Skillshare. I’m linking to them down in the description. An awesome company with over 18,000 courses. I can tell you I spend a lot of time on that website learning, becoming better because here’s the deal is you need to invest in yourself. That link I’m putting down in the description can be used 600x $0.99 for two months. Come on.

You got to be at least worth it. And if you’re not doing some type of self development, you’ve got to start guys. Commitment to excellence is really what separates those that are middle of the pack from those that are on top. And I can tell you photography course, design course, business courses, presentation courses, all of that can be found over on Skillshare. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.

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